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"Cher is an event manager extraordinaire! While she consistently delivers projects on time and on budget, her follow up skills really make her stand out. She pays immaculate attention to details, including budget, process and ROI. Her strong leadership and excellent communication skills make her a pleasure to work with.  When working on a project with Cher, I always know that nothing will fall through any cracks. She is an experienced professional with a diverse range of experience. She truly stands out as one of the best in the business." Merrill George, Sr. Marketing Programs Manager, VMware, Inc.

"I worked with Unstressfully Yours on a number of partner marketing events. Know that when you work with Cher, you can rest ASSURED that she has everything covered, and I mean everything! Cher has a plan A, a back-up plan B, C, D, E, and F, right down to Z.  Before meeting Cher, I had NEVER experienced total confidence in someone's ability to executive flawless marketing events. The difference with Cher is that she has real passion for event marketing and excellence in execution. She is a true professional." Kelly Toney, Sr. Corp Marketing Manager, ENEA 2008

“Cher is an expert in event management. She knows how to put together large scale global events with participation from multiple companies. She is a stickler for detail and will make sure that all elements necessary for success are addressed. On top of that she is fun to work with. I would recommend using the services of Cher's company for any business event, large or small.” December 3, 2007 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time.  Mary Inglis, Director Business Development, MontaVista Software

"I staffed several trade show events in Silicon Valley and the Northeastern US and Eastern Canada that Cher helped organize.   She was always a first class professional in my dealings with her.   She is a great communicator and has a responsiveness that is second to none.  I would gladly recommend Cher for her services and would very much look forward to working with her in the future." Jan 08  John Marecki, formerly with MontaVista Sales.

"Cher brought creativity and a can-do attitude to all the work she did. She was results-driven. It was always about making the rubber hit the road. She was a joy to work with and I recommend her strongly." Mary Smaragdis - Sr. Manager, Developer Community Experience, Sun Microsystems

"Cher is a high-energy and reliable individual that can be trusted to produce events. A professional you can count on, and rely on as an event partner or part of any virtual team. As a person, she is friendly, pleasant and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her." James Allen - WW OEM Software Sales, Sun Microsystems

"Cher was excellent in her role as an event manager! She managed both large and small events at Sun and was always professional! Every event she managed was well orchestrated and successful. She is a pleasure to work with!" Adam Abramski - Technical Marketing Manager at Nokia

“Cher was instrumental in the event marketing in software at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Without her, our events would have been a lot crazier, but with Cher's diligence, wisdom, personality and sense of she kept all of us where we needed to be...I miss working with Cher and would gladly work with her again in any capacity!” – Jennifer Winger - Program Marketing Manager at Sun Microsystems/Oracle

“I participated with Cher at many shows--LinuxWorld, SunNetwork, others--and she always ran a tight ship. If something wasn't getting done or done right, she made it happen or got it fixed. I highly recommend her and her services.” (April 7, 2006) Tom Chavez - Sr. Product Manager at PalmSource (Formerly with Sun Microsystems) 

"Cher is a very smart, hard working, team player and self driven employee. She is a great person to work with. I highly recommend Cher, and especially cogragulate her ability to work under very tight deadlines." Saaid Magidi - Sr. Software Support Engineer at MontaVista Software (Formerly with Sun Microsystems)

“Cher worked with me on a large exhibit at a major trade show (CES) early in 2006. She managed the entire event and the execution came off beautifully. On several occasions, Cher was able to negotiate for better terms or facilities, improving the quality of the event with each upgrade. All in all, it was an excellent event for the company. Steven Eidson-- Director, Product Marketing at Silicon Image

"You want it done? Cher is the person! Strong and determined attitude that never let us down! At the same time, amicable and multi-talented". Angel Camacho - Senior Technical Product Manager at Sun Microsystems/Oracle

"I worked directly with Cher when we were both in the Javasoftware group at Sun Microsystems. I can say that she is unequivocally a pleasure to work with and gets the job done. She is totally organized." Peter Kacandes - Sr. {Product Manager at Adobe Systems (formerly with (Formerly with Sun Microsystems)

“I have worked with Cher for over 10 years on numerous events and promotions. She is extremely detail oriented, sees the big picture very well and as this business dictates, is very adaptable to changing situations. I would not hesitate to have Cher plan any of my events.” October 31, 2007 Eric Nelsen, Owner, Proforma Full Moon Promotions

“Cher is a fantastic leader! One of the best multi-taskers I have seen. A true professional who knows how to execute and get the job done and done right. It would be a pleasure to work with Cher once again.” May 21, 2007  Amy Hill - Administration, Silicon Image

“At Sun, Cher's events were always innovative, well executed and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her if you need to put on a special event.” August 14, 2006 Peter Salerno - Vice President, Strategic Alliances, teleSys Software, Inc.

 “Cher was someone who you could count on to get things done. I enjoyed my time working with Cher and found her willingness to help refreshing. Her driving attitude was a great asset to the unit that we worked in and was appreciated!” June 27, 2007 Jerry Hunter - Services Manager, Sun Microsystems

"Cher is a very detailed and pleasant person to work with. Through our numerous event management partnerships, she demonstrated above class skills and determination to consistently perform above expectations. It was a pleasure to work with Cher and I would recommend her for any event management opportunities." Scott Hughes-Global Marketing Manager - Freescale Semiconductor

"Cher was instrumental in the event marketing in software at MontaVista Software. Without her, our events would have been a struggle. Cher's diligence, experience, personality and attention to detail were true assets to ensuring successful events. I highly recommend Cher, and especially congratulate her ability to work under very tight deadlines." Kalpesh Gala - Director, Business Development, MontaVista Software

"I have worked with Cher on several large events and programs. She was very thorough, always prepared, focused and delivered the finished goods on time. She worked well under pressure and always treated her virtual members with respect. Cher was driven yet fun to work with. Her knowledge of the event business and running special programs plus her willingness to do whatever is needed to get the job done makes her a valuable asset for any company." Steve Greenberg, Technical Event Manager, Sun Microsystems

"It's been a pleasure working with Cher. She is very detail oriented, responsive and does a great job for her group. Cher also has a pleasant personality and would be a great addition to any team. I highly recommend Cher. " Sheila Canto, Buyer. VMware Inc.

"Cher is quick, efficient, and fun to work with." Matt Vaughan, Group Manager Corporate Demos, VMware Inc.