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Unstressfully Yours offers Exhibit Booth Properties for rental or purchase and Custom Event Furniture for rental.  Exhibit Properties, Custom Furniture.

SNAP Properties are the ultimate in frame-graphic technology!  Create a stunning 3-dimensional display to increase your sales … in a SNAP!  Twelve frames, two planes for integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities!  3-D capability and fabric size options create a truly unique display and lasting impression.
The frame is shipped with the fabric skins fully attached.  The portable, lightweight frame makes your display setup a SNAP!  No tools or event labor required.  Simply grasp with both hands evenly the right and left side of the center quad within the frame, then gently lift upward.   Strong magnetic connectors “SNAP” lock the frame automatically within seconds!
The versatility of this frame allows you to change graphics easily to create a totally fresh display. This exhibit property is truly unlike any display!  Let your imagination take the reins and watch your sales soar!  Your message deserves the best!

These new SNAP unit sets up in one minute and the graphic options are almost endless.   These units are much lighter and cost less to ship and less for material handing.

• Sets Up Instantly and Completely!          • Lightweight / Ultra Portable
• Infinite Design Potential                          • Easy Graphic Change
• Fantastic 3D look                                       • Black or Silver Frame

Unique / Stylish / Impactful / Light Weight / Ultra Portable

Graphics are already installed and new graphics are less expensive. The graphics can be installed on the show floor and the frame has a lifetime warranty.  The cost of the unit includes the shipping case. You can not alter the frame to make it smaller but you can rearrange the graphic panels for each event.

The cost of the unit includes the shipping case with or without a special sleeve for advertising your brand which can be utilzed in the booth as your information or registration counter.

These units are much lighter and cost less to ship and less for material handing.

Unstressfully Yours is thrilled to introduce a captivating new line of custom-created event furnishings. We provide exceptional rental furniture solutions for special events, corporate meetings, conferences, and trade shows nationwide.

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We guarantee quality, style, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. With several facilities located throughout the country, Unstressfully Yours has the capabilities to offer style, quality, and consistency on a national basis.

We take great pride in offering stringent support from concept to completion. The breadth and depth of our extensive inventory, including accessories, enables us to assist in bringing to life any environment imaginable.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our products and look forward to be able to assist you with your next event.

If interested, please ask for more information at info@unstressfullyyours.com.