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Unstressfully Yours offers Green and Non-Green Catering Services.

In a city that knows good service, we deliver only the best to our clients.  We offer premier service and provide Catering Services to groups from San Francisco to Monterey and other locations throughout the greater Bay Area. Whether your business needs a simple lunch delivery, an upscale corporate event, or an green event,  our caterers will provide the food and service that will impress your guests!

Our caterers prepares a variety of foods from many regions of the world from Classic French to American BBQ. We offer Green and Non-Green Caterting.  Our green caterer is the FIRST Green Certified Caterer in all of Santa Clara County, has been in business 17 years.  Their success grew by standing apart from other catering businesses that were run by successful managers, but serving processed or mass-produced frozen foods. Beautifully displayed food is not always delicious food; we strive to provide you with both. Our ‘food first’and quality approach has paid off, and  now they also credit their excellent staff for providing superior service as being the key to their long standing success.

Our green caterer purchases organic and local products when available and within the budget of our clients. However, we do not purchase organic products when they are shipped in from Europe, Asia or South America. It is our position that the carbon footprint of such purchasing has a greater negative impact on our environment then purchasing locally grown conventional foods.

We encourage our clients to make food selections that reflect environmental sustainability. One example is using the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Pocket Guides to select seafoods which have the least negative impact on our oceans and coastal communities.      

We we arrange for the rental of the usual party items such as tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware and silverware, but we also have access to fine china, crystal, and specialty linens. We can also arrange for larger items such as canopies, stages and  dance floors. 

We do not charge extra to cut your wedding cake as it is included  in most packages. We will put linens on and set the tables, clear the tables, and clean the service/kitchen area, leaving it as we have found it. If you wish us to set up and breakdown the tables and chairs there is an additional fee.

Our Catering Service is licensed to sell and serve wine and beer, but not liquor. We do maintain  the necessary liability insurance to serve your guests.  We do charge a corkage fee if we supply the beverages for tableside wine service.  Please contact us for more information on our beverage packages.We are a 'full service' caterer and will provide as many servers and bartender as needed to ensure a successful event.
As a general rule, we provide one server for every 25 people at a buffet. We provide one server for every twenty people at a sit down dinner. However, the server ratio depends on how formal or complicated the event is and may be reduced or increased, depending on these factors. A lavish six-course, sit-down dinner may require one server per 10-12 guests or a very simple buffet many only require 1 server for 35 people.  Using your event details, we will recommend the minimum number of servers required based on our experience. Our goal is to make your event run smoothly. 

When we provide your customized menu, we list of all of our estimated charges in order to provide you with a complete bid. In addition to the per person price for food, we will include the following in each proposal: 20% Service Charge, Cost of Rentals (that we obtain on your behalf if applicable), Labor charges for service Staff and Sales Tax.   Gratuities are not itemized in the bill, nor are they required. They are, however,  graciously accepted by our staff for a job well done. The delivery charge covers our fuel costs and will vary depending on your location.

Our Catering Services charge a "service charge fee" which offsets labor and administration costs as well as dishwashing, packing for your event, travel time to and from your event, etc. The service charge is not a gratuity and is subject to state and local tax laws. 

We can also bring a buffet to you, set it up and return later to pick up non-disposable serving items. There        are no servers. A delivery & pick-up fee is charged.  This option works best for informal corporate events and informal parties.  For drop off events, we include high quality compostable paper plates and compostable plastic cutlery.  

We also provide linens for the buffet and will set up any necessary chaffing dishes.  If you prefer china and silverware, we will be happy to make arrangements, however these items require that our staff be present at your event. While using non-disposable items costs more, it is better for the environment and we consider it an investment for our future generations!

If interested in our Catering Services, please ask for more information at info@unstressfullyyours.com.